Flutterby Beginnings is a true labor of love involving many people in my life.  The meaning of "Flutterby" was created by my mom with inspiration from my grandma's memory and my love of butterflies, bonding 3 generations.  The Flutterby Beginnings logo was designed by my sister who is a graphic designer and managed to capture exactly the right image.  My doula and Godmother showed me the value of having the dream of helping others and the importance of making it come true.  My children have shown me that each birth is truly unique and started me on this incredible path.  But most of all, I wouldn't be anywhere without my husband, who generously supports me with this journey and for all of this I am incredibly grateful!   

     On a more personal note, I am actively involved in our county 4-H program on many different levels.  Working with youth of  different ages has always been important in my life and I am able to give my kids the same experiences that I was given growing up.  I am also an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant, helping families create a chemical free home environment.  I am very lucky to have a close relationship to my parents in turn making it so my kids get a special relationship with their grandparents like I had as a child.  I love being crafty and making silk floral creations.  I have a special place in my heart for butterflies, which is how Flutterby Beginnings was born.  I was very close to my grandma growing up and when she passed away in 1999, a reference was made towards butterflies that stuck with me.  Every time I see one, I feel that close bond we shared.   

    Throughout the next few years, I experienced many different things in my personal birth journey including male fertility issues and a pregnancy loss.  When I successfully became pregnant again, I sought out a doula and became educated on VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesarean).  I was terrified that I was going to need another c-section and because I had not gone into labor before, I didn't know what to expect.  I got more nervous as my due date approached but my doula helped keep me focused on my goal.  A few days before my due date, baby kicked and I thought I peed myself but it kept happening so I knew it was my water.  My doula met me at the hospital and walked the halls with me, helped me understand what was going on, talked me through my surges, calmed me down when I needed it....you name it, she did it.  After 12 hours of labor and one dose of pain meds, I had my son VBAC.  I was thrilled!  

     My journey began with my first child born more than 15 years ago.  Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a mom and have a large family and because of this, I didn't fear pregnancy or birth.  I didn't have any experience with childbirth except for being in the delivery room with a friend when she had her baby so I didn't question the 3 different due dates I was given.  When the 3rd one came and went, I was told we would have to induce.  I was disappointed but since I was told it was needed, I pushed my disappointment aside.  28 hours after my induction began, my little boy entered the world by c-section.  I was devastated!  I felt like my body had failed me, especially since I had been told that I had "great birthing hips" so many times throughout my pregnancy.  I felt alone through my recovery because everyone around me didn't know much about c-sections.  This led me down my path of birth education.  

Because a gentle beginning is a beautiful thing!

     When I became pregnant again, I knew I wanted another VBAC.  I had the same doula as before and we talked about my goals.  3 weeks before my due date, my water released.  I was terrified when I called my doula to tell her and she reassured me that everything would be ok.  Just hearing her voice made me feel better.  Since I was early and baby was still high, I had to bounce on a birth ball to help get baby to drop.  My doula helped get me further in this labor without pain meds and when I finally decided I needed them, it was too late because baby was coming.  So after 12 hours of labor and no pain meds, I had my daughter and my second successful VBAC!  We had to deal with a little bit of jaundice but other than that, my daughter was healthy.

     With each of my pregnancies, I learned a lot of things from my doula and through my own research.  I had really enjoyed my completely natural birth with my daughter so when I became pregnant again I knew I wanted it to be natural.  About a month before my due date, I searched for natural birth on youtube and came across one about HypnoBirthing.  I got really excited about it but thought it was too late to explore it further so I just watched videos about it to gear myself up for my own birth.  A few days before my due date, I was in the living room with my other kids and pop went my water.  We hurried to the hospital because I had tested positive for Group B Strept and I had to have antibiotics.  After 5 1/2 hours of labor and no pain meds, our son was born and I had my third successful VBAC. 

     Finding out I was pregnant with our 6th child, there was no doubt HypnoBirthing was the way to go.  However, I didn't want a repeat of the intense drive to the hospital or my doctor missing the birth.  And based on the fact I never really knew for sure that I was even in labor the last time, I worried that I would have the same thing happen again.  However, there was no mistaking that it was time when I awoke to my water releasing in the early morning hours a few days before my due date.  I got out of bed and just stood there for a minute while I tried to wake my husband up.  Once I got through to him that my water had released and the bed was soaked, he got up and started to get things situated while I called my doula.  She came to the house and we hung out for a little bit while we waited for my surges to get established.  My surges were not intense but 5 minutes apart when we decided to leave for the hospital so it wouldn't be so chaotic and quick.  Less than 2 hours after arriving at the hospital, our son was born!  

     Through my own birth experiences, I found a desire to help make a difference in the lives of others.  It was my own doula that inspired me to join her on the doula path.  I received my doula training with Dr. Vivian Keeler and Lori McCoy of Contemporary Doula International and continue forward in my birth work journey.  I feel it is an honor and a privilege to help empower families through their own births.

     Since I had found HypnoBirthing with my previous pregnancy, as soon as I found out I was pregnant again, I started researching.  We found local classes and started to prepare.  One of the things HypnoBirthing helped me with was the fact that I wanted to be treated as though I had not had a c-section.  My old doctor had moved so I had to find another one which worried me.  When we finally met with our choice, there was an instant connection.  I was nervous to tell her we were doing HypnoBirthing because I always got funny looks when I told others about it and I was worried she wouldn't accept it.  We were surprised when she told us that she had actually attended a HypnoBirth before and she thought it was wonderful.  And then she told me we could pretend as if I had never had my c-section since it had been so many years ago and I had had so many successful VBACs.  I was so excited!  Since my water had released with my last 3 births, I expected it to be that way again.  As with my other pregnancies, I had a lot of practice labor.  And because I had had other labors before HypnoBirthing, I was concerned that I had not been doing HypnoBirthing right.  A few days before my due date, I had laid back down after sending my husband off to work.  I was having practice labor again but was able to nap through it.  Late morning I started to think maybe it wasn't practice so I called my husband home.  I sat in the recliner and listened to my CDs but never really thought it was the real thing.  My doula arrived and after a while she pushed on some pressure points, making my surges stronger.  That's when I decided we should go in to see if it was actual labor.  Up to this point I still didn't really think it was labor but that all changed when I tried to get in the van and felt my baby's head really low.  I started to panic and then the pain hit me.  The 10 minute drive was awful but as soon as we arrived at the hospital, I relaxed and got back into my relaxation.  16 minutes after arriving at the hospital, our daughter came into the world into the nurses hands.  I was amazed!  The way I viewed birth changed forever!  This convinced me to become a certified HypnoBirthing┬« Childbirth Educator myself so I could help other families learn this wonderful method.  

Providing professional doula services and childbirth education for expectant families